ISEOH 2020 Ditunda 

Assalamualaikum & salam sejahtera


ISEOH sangat prihatin terhadap kegusaran anda berkenaan dengan isu penularan wabak COvid-19.

Merujuk kepada pandangan daripada Crisis Preparedness and Response Centre (CPRC), Sektor Pengurusan Bencana, Wabak, Krisis & Kecemasan Bahagian Kawalan Penyakit, Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia, dengan berat hati kami ingin memaklumkan bahawa ISEOH 2020 yang dijadualkan berlangsung pada 6-8 April 2020, akan ditunda ke tarikh yang akan dimaklumkan kemudian.


Ini merupakan langkah berjaga-jaga, bagi mengekang penularan wabak COVID-19 yang sedang di alami oleh negara kita. Kami sebulat suara kommited dan prihatin terhadap usaha Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia bagi mengekang penularan wabak ini. Keputusan ini diambil bagi mengelakkan sebarang perkara yang tidak diingini dari berlaku.


Namun begitu, kepada para peserta & sponsor yang telah membayar yuran persidangan, atau telah mendapatkan kelulusan jabatan serta menguruskan LO/PO, atau yang masih belum membuat bayaran atau ada di antara Tuan / Puan yang dalam proses mendapat CPD/CEP points, kami telah merangka pelan kontigensi untuk anda yang akan diemailkan kepada anda secepat mungkin.  


Antara pelan kontigensi yang telah dirangka ialah pelan perancangan untuk mengadakan symposium ini secara atas talian dan pelan pelaksanaan penerbitan 2020.  


Bagi pihak Jawatankuasa ISEOH 2020, kami sekali lagi dengan rasa rendah hati ingin memohon maaf di atas kesulitan ini dan akan cuba sedaya upaya memberi bantuan dan pilihan terbaik buat anda.


Untuk sebarang maklumat lanjut, kami boleh dihubungi di talian sedia ada atau email;



Sekian, terima kasih.

Jawatankuasa Penganjur ISEOH 2020

ISEOH 2020 Postponed Due to COVID-19 Concern

Assalamualaikum & Greetings


In the past week, the concern for COVID-19 has quickly spread through our country and worldwide. We are fully aware of the unfortunate situation of  COVID-19 virus and its implication.


With Crisis Preparedness and Response Center (CPRC), Disaster Management, Disaster, Crisis & Emergency Disease Control Division, Ministry of Health Malaysia,  recommending that large meetings and events are postponed, we could not responsibly host our International Symposium of Environmental and Occupational Health (ISEOH2020) that will be scheduled from 6th to 8th of April 2020 at Pullman Hotel Waterfront, Miri Sarawak.


We are pleased to inform that ISEOH 2020 scheduled for April 6-8, 2020, will postpone to a date to be notified later.


This is a precautionary measure, to curb the spread of the COVID-19 outbreaks that our country is currently experiencing.


We are unanimously committed to the Ministry of Health's efforts to curb the outbreak. This decision is taken to prevent any unwanted things from happening.


However, to the participants & sponsors who have paid the conference fee, or have obtained the approval of the department and managed the PO / LO, or who have not yet made any payment or are among you who in the process of earning CPD / CEP points, we have formulated a contingency plan for you that will be emailed to you as soon as possible.


Among the contingency plans that have been drafted are plans to hold this symposium online and a 2020 publication implementation plan.


On behalf of the ISEOH 2020 Committee, we humbly apologize for the inconvenience and try our best to provide you with the best assistance and options. For more information, we can be reached at the existing line or email;


Thank you.


ISEOH 2020 Organising Committee

ISEOH 2020 

                                                                                                                                                                                        JOIN US TODAY!

                                                                                                                                                                                           International Symposium of Environmental and Occupational Health (ISEOH) 2020

Conference Theme: "Industrial Revolution (IR) 5.0: Environmental and Occupational Health (EOH)

Challenges and Solution beyond 2020"

Location: Pullman, Miri Sarawak
Date: from 7 April 2020 to 8 April 2020. 
Pre-conference seminar: 6 April 2020

Our Pre-conference seminar is for those who are interested to gain knowledge in the specific field.

Our pre-conference seminar fee has been reduced from MYR 500 to MYR 400 only! 

CEP/CPD points provided by CIDB, DOSH, DOE ✅

The offer is limit to only 30 early participants! 


The registration fee has been reduced from MYR 850 to MYR 500 for the Government officers (without publication) & MYR 550 for Practitioners. 

The rate for students remains the same, MYR 450. 
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Register with us today! The offer is limit to only 100 early participants! 


Why you should attend? 

The conference is HRDF claimable 
✅ CEP/CPD points provided by CIDB, DOSH, DOE 
✅ For researchers, articles presented in ISEOH 2020 will be published in a Malaysian Journal of Medicine and Health Sciences (Scopus Indexed Journal). 
Abstract submission extended to 31st March 2020. 

For any inquiries please don't hesitate to contact us through email ( or call +603 9769 2701 / 2643 / 2862.
                                                                                                                                                                                        🌐 Register yourself here;  

🌐 For abstract submission, please go to

🌐 For more information go to our website; 
🌐 Like our FB page;

Check back here or subscribe to the conference announcement page for the latest updates. 



Industrial Revolution (IR) 5.0:

Environmental and Occupational Health (EOH)

Challenges and Solution Beyond 2020


ISEOH 2020 provides a platform for practitioners and researchers to meet and learn from each other. The objective of the conference is to embrace challenges and finding the solution to problem and issues related to environmental and occupational health. 



Pullman Miri Waterfront Hotel 

Sarawak, Malaysia 

Conference Topics

Any topics related to environmental and occupational health (EOH). Example as follows; 

  • Management and tourism

  • Social Science

  • Entrepreneurship & graduate employability towards IR 5.0

  • Workers rehabilitation

  • Work stress reduction program

  • Strategies to overcome mental health issues and well being at the workplace 

  • Industrial ergonomic issues and manual handling

  • Industrial hygiene towards workplace risk reduction

  • Emergency response and plan

  • Challenges of oil and gas industries towards zero incidence

  • Risk measurement and management

  • Climate change and the solution

  • Environmental pollution and children health

  • Environmental exposure monitoring with biomarker

  • The way forward to mitigate air, water and soil pollution

  • Food safety and security

  • Way forward of future solid waste and hazardous waste management

  • Strategies to urban health

  • Technology and big data including data safety and security

  • Biodiversity and conservation

  • Marine ecology, forestry and fisheries

  • Aviation safety

Articles presented in ISEOH 2020 will be published in a Scopus Indexed journal

Officiate by

Miri City Council Mayor 

Mr. Adam Yii Siew Sang

Registration Fee

Discounted price

Pre-conference Workshop (6th April 2020)

MYR 400​

Conference (7th to 8th April 2020

Student (Local): MYR 450

Industrial Practitioner (Local): MYR 550

Government officers  (Local): MYR 500

Lecturers / Researcher (Local) (with publication): MYR 850

Lecturers / Researcher (Local) (without publication) : MYR 500

International student: USD 200,    

International practitioner / researcher:  USD 400


The society is registered under Section 7 of the Societies Act 1966.


Registration number: PPM-017-10-17022015. 

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